The B+E Test


The test itself which is conducted by a Dvsa examiner at our local Test centre in Guildford Surrey.

You will have to produce a current Uk Driving Licence and ensure you are able to read a car number plate at 20 metres with or without glasses as required.


You will be asked 5-6 show me tell me questions relevant to the trailer test.


You will then be asked to demonstrate the S-Shape reversing exercise staying within the boundary set up for your combination length.


You are allowed a maximum of 2 correctional shunts forward to complete the excercise and you are allowed to exit the vehicle to check the rearmost of the trailer is in the yellow box as required.


You may move the trailer back more if required to complete but would not be allowed to check a second time.


You will then be asked to uncouple /recouple the trailer in a safe manner throughout the demonstration.


The on the road element of the Test lasts for 50-60 mins on urban/rural roads incorporating dual carriageways.


The standard is high and you will be marked in the same way as any previous test.

To pass you will need to achieve no more than 15 driver errors and no serious/dangerous faults.


But dont worry as we have 29 years of experience and our training courses will quickly eliminate those bad habits and help you achieve your goal.


We provide a modern vehicle and trailer to make the whole process as easy as possible.


Tried and tested training helping hundreds each year to pass on their first attempt.


We know exactly whats required to pass first time so don't hesitate to ask further questions if required or come and try an assesment 2 hour lesson to get experience on what you'll be tested on.